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Jackfruit "Crab" Rangoons

Jackfruit "Crab" Rangoon

There is something about a lazy movie night that always has me craving Chinese. We have been enjoying a lot of appetizers for dinner recently, but this has quickly become my favorite. I had not realized how long it had been since I was able to enjoy a crab rangoon! Growing up, they were a staple in our take-out order. However, since becoming a vegetarian so many years ago, I have not been able to munch on these savory treats.

Eggplant Bacon - "ELTs"

Eggplant Bacon ELTs

I can’t count the number of times that friends have told me they can’t go vegetarian/vegan because they would miss bacon. So I decided to solve that problem. Please note that this recipe has two cooking options: oven or air fryer. The oven requires more cooking time, but this “bacon” is worth the wait. It’s crisp and salty and is perfect to pair with a tofu scramble or some pancakes for breakfast.